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Valerie Monterrey CPM

I am a mother of six children.  Above see my husband, mother in law, my two remaining children at home and one of my assistant midwives.

My husband is a pastor and also helps as administrative assistant in the office. My mother-in-law  helps with meals, cleaning, baby hats & blankets and watering the plants. Shekinah my daughter is often around the office during appointments. She plays with the other children and just brings general joy and light to the office.

I have been studying midwifery and child birth in the home setting for the past 26 years. I have served communities in Washington, Texas, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. I have participated in over 470 out-of-hospital births. I am trained in the use of emergency medical procedures and equipment in the unlikely event they becomes necessary. I am working in South Central PA, as a trained direct entry home birth midwife. I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).Certified by North American Registry of Midwives.

Student Midwives:

You should expect to see students at appointments. The best midwives are those that get as much experience with as many midwives as possible. I love teaching midwifery and I support the apprenticeship method of teaching future midwives. I am sometimes a guest teacher at Hartland College in their midwifery or Doula program. I am eternally thankful for the many midwives that took me under their wing and gave me training. There are too many to mention here. One of the ways I give back is giving new students the opportunity to learn with me. Most of my students have college level midwifery training for two or three years before starting their apprenticeship. Please consider allowing a student to attend your birth.

Victoria Adeyeye:

Victoria is a Junior Midwife, meaning she has finished her student training and is only waiting for her test to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She helps with birth certificate registration, office work and video editing, assisting at prenatals, births and postnatals. She will soon be able to act as back up.

Julie Lynn Derwart Reh CPM:

Julie is the midwife I work the most with as assistant and back up. She has been practicing Midwifery and Nutrition Education for the past 5 years. She holds the same certifications that I have and is working on more. Click the link below her photo to learn more.

I give:

❥Personal attention
❥Meaningful discussions
❥A trusting relationship
❥Educational handouts made upon request
❥Responsible care

Nutrition education
❥Gentle nurturing

Hands on massage
❥Respect for your convictions
❥Freedom to make decisions
❥ An active role as a couple in your birth

My statistics:

❥Transport rate 6%

❥Longest Birth 92 hours

❥Shortest Birth 45 min

❥Largest Baby 12#

❥Smallest full term baby 3#4 oz

❥Oldest Mom 45 years old

❥Youngest mom 17 years old

❥Need for perineal repair 10 %

❥Three set of twins

❥Clients with a breech at labor 3.3%

❥VBAC choosing homebirth 4%

❥ Mothers choosing Waterbirth 33%

❥I have attended nearly 500 births

Support Future Midwives


I believe that women are the key to healthy families and thus society. I believe women are fearfully and wonderfully created by God. I believe His design is not defective. I Believe that they are able to birth naturally without intervention except in the most extreme and rare cases.

I want to educate women to become responsible for their own health, to learn all that they can about their bodies and about procedures often proscribed for them and their families. I want them to be aware of their alternatives. 


According to the WHO World Health Organization about 7-10% of cases require specialized obstetric services.

World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) Revised 1990 estimates of maternal mortality: a new approach by WHO and UNICEF. Geneva: WHO; 1996.