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Dear Valerie,

Just a note to express our appreciation for the care we received through the pregnancy an J. difficult birth. Afew things stand out especially in my mind... 

  • Your patience with bringing the children to prenatal visits

  • The very prompt response to phone calls and texts

  • The homey, motherly atmosphere

  • The very strong control/ direction you gave me during the fast intense birth

  • The "upward look" for the difficult decisions you needed to make

  • For sticking right with us during the transfer and being honest with the doctos

  • And your care and understanding as we worked through the trama afterwards.

P.S And a special thanks to Victoria for being there and providing the extra hand you needed badly...​

Thank you for being a competent and caring Midwife. God bless your work for HIm!

K. H Family



What I look for in a health care provider is:

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Ability to listen

  • Gentle touch

  • Honesty

  • Empowerment

  • Integrity

I  am pleased to proclaim that you exceed my expectations and wildest dreams for an amazing Midwife!​

CJ Family

Your Strength and deep love to empower, encourage and enliven women is so beautiful. I love how you long to change the worked one woman at a time. But, more than that your inner strength as a woman  & princess of the King is encouraging. Even in your own discouragement and pain you still seek to burn brightly in your home, church, and work environment for Jesus. I love your tenacity and love for Him. So glad you're here. Love ya sis - Megan
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