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Recommended Laboratory Tests

Midwifery Clients

  • Hemoglobin A1c, 

    • Sugar Metabolism and Diabetes

  • Thyroid Panel 2

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

  • ABO & Rh Blood Type


Extra testing that may be suggested

  • Bundled inflammatory tests

  • Basic Fasting Lipid Panel

  • Nutrient Panel Bundle -all Vitamins 

  • Iron and Total Iron binding Capacity

  • Lyme's Disease 

  • Exposure, Food Tolerance Testing

  • Genetic Testing

Lifestyle Clients

  • Sex & Energy

  • Thyroid Evaluation

  • Young & Healthy Basic

  • Weight Loss & Optimal Metabolism

  • Inflammation

  • Healthy Blood Vessels –

    • The Advanced Lipid Panel with Lp(a)

  • Nutrients & Omegas

  • Brain Health

In depth Functional-Nutritional Medicine

  • GI effects Comprehensive (stool)

  •  Digestive Stool Analysis with Parasites 

  • SIBO Unexplained Abdominal Symptoms with Breath Testing

  • Lactose Intolerance -breath test

  • Intestinal Permeability –  Leaky Gut Test

  • optimal nutritional evaluation

  • Urine Organic Acids

  • Oxidative Stress Profile

  • Urine amino acids

  • Myco-Tox  – MOLD EXPOSURE

  • GPL Tox – Non-Metal Chemical Profile

  • Urine elements profile

  • Hair Heavy Metals

  • Glyphosate Test Your Home Water Supply

  • Glyphosate Test You



“I used to work in a hospital laboratory, so I am a big advocate for lab testing. I had the full Transformational Panel done. The amount of tests performed and information gleaned was invaluable. I used the information to learn what I could do on a holistic level and have a better conversation with my doctor.  I am exercising more consistently and making healthier choices in my diet, and will retest further down the road to see how my numbers have changed. I already feel better and have more energy. For anyone who wants to be healthy and nip any future problems in the bud, I highly recommend you do these tests.”

Terri Romero, MBA

Mitch Gaylord.jpg

“The lab panel test was enlightening. I though as long as I was physically fit I was fine. Through the test I learned what biomarkers meant. The information empowered me with the knowledge to make the changes I needed. I began to focus my protocol and I actually enjoy it.”

Mitch Gaylord,

Olympic Gold Medalist

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