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Understanding  Midwifery Services Cost and Discounts

I charge $3,800 dollars for my services. My services cover prenatal care, blood testing (Basic lab fees not included), prenatal instruction, two ultrasounds included, labor, birth, postnatal care to six weeks, cell phone call/text availability, educational lending library, handouts, birth pool lending, and birth equipment. This does not cover any care by your doctor or hospital, in rare occurrence (6%) of transfer or referral, lab processing fees, the assistant Midwife fee, or transportation fees (see below). In the case that you need to change to a different caregiver during your pregnancy, due to health reasons before 36 weeks, we can negotiate an arrangement for a partial refund from the total of $3,000. If we transport during labor, I am still considered your primary care provider and will still expect to be paid the full amount. I will still be with you, giving emotional, physical and educational support, during the birth, and postpartum. There are no other refunds. You are responsible to pay the full amount by 36 weeks of pregnancy, unless other arrangements are made. I will really try to work with you if you really want a home birth. If you register late in your pregnancy your payments will be higher to finish before the 36th week. If for some reason you are unable to pay one of your payments on time, we will try to work with you as best as we can

Assistant Midwife and Student: I have found it valuable to have two heads instead of one, in some cases imperative for example VBAC, baby mal-positioned, first time moms, moderate risk.

I support Future Midwives by training a student. Please help by allowing a student during your prenatal and birth care. Your space and privacy will always be respected. You ultimately have the right to choose not to have a student present unless the assisting midwife can not make it to your birth.

Hillary Raver

Ashley Rice
Giullia Matteo

Extra Fees & Charges
Assistant Fee $600 ( included with total Fee paid at birth)   
Registering after 35 weeks requires payment in full and previous prenatal record  $200    
If no prenatal record can be provided after 36 weeks, due to extra risk factor  $100  
Late Fee or bounced check  $35      
Room Rental for a client of a different midwife $300      

♥For Every 4 children  $100    
♥Pay by the 20th week of PG    $100 

Transportation Fees: If you are more than 20 miles there is a travel fee.

Insurance rarely reimburse for midwifery care in the out of hospital setting.

We accept Payments from health accounts and Medishare does usually reimburse their clients.

If you believe you are in a single or low income bracket please ask for our Spin down program that bases the global fee on 5% of your  income. 

Make Payments Here

Pay By Check
Made out to
Valerie R Monterrey
mailed to:
954 Fleshman Mill Rd
New Oxford PA 17350

Pay By Paypal
Use the button  to the right.

Pay By Zelle                             Pay By Venmo

Pay By Credit Card 

In the office or by phone.
Pay on a card reader

Health Savings Account cards usually accepted.

Did you know Square is now offering credit to our clients so they can pay over time?

Insurance Payments
I am often asked if I accept insurance. The right question is not if I accept payments from insurance companies, but are the insurance companies willing to reimburse for prenatal care and home delivery to a Certified Professional Midwife.  Most are not. I will give you an itemized bill for you to submit yourselves. It takes too many hours of work and I usually lose money and valuable time processing claims.

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