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Pregnancy Websites

This is a disclaimer. These are websites, books and podcasts, I felt you may find of value. I do not agree with all of the beliefs of the creators of each of these sites. Please study for yourself what is right for you.

Birth Preparation Websites, Videos, and Podcasts

The Business of being born a modern day documentary about business of birth in the hospital system

Indie Birth I am inspired by how normal pregnancy and birth are presented in this program.

The Birth Hour I Have been greatly blessed by these inspiring birth stories. 

Spinning Babies I highly recommend learning health posture for you and your baby, prevent breech, prevent posterior or other poor positioning.

Midwifery Today Not just for the midwife great magazine.

Gentle Birth Midwife Ronnie Falcao is probably the best place to start for researching any birth related topic.


Dr. Sarah Buckley foremost doctor promoting Gentile Birth

Trust Birth if only we believed....

Unassisted Childbirth I am not a proponent of being alone while birthing. However, birth should be respected yet treated with out fear. So many powerful stories from these woman and many are forced to be alone because they can not find a caregiver that will let them birth naturally.

Birthing From Within a great place to start to over come past birth trauma.

Bradley Birth the Husband coached approach to childbirth

Dr. Mercola great articles about health

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean


International Childbirth Awareness Network

Websites for Moms


Kelly Mom Parenting and Breastfeeding One of the leading expert advice pages for Breastfeeding help.

Holistic Parenting

Ask Dr. Sears Pediatrician 

Co Sleeping with your child New Zealand Study.

The Shape of a Mother 

Finding a chiropractor for your child

Baby Reference articles

Websites Just for Dad

Dads Adventures

Strong Fathers


Circumcision Quotes

No Circumcision


No Harm 


National Organization of Restoring Men 

Circumcision Information

Intact American caring for the intact penis.


Attorneys for the Rights of the child


Kelly Mom Great Breastfeeding advice

La Leche Legue International

Breastfeeding after breast and nipple surgeries

International Lactation Consultant

Vaccines Information


Vaccine Liberation

Furthering Midwifery and Natural Childbirth


North American Registry of Midwives

National Association of Certified Professional Midwives

Midwives Alliance of North America

Big Push For Midwifery

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