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How Much does it cost to have a baby at home with a Midwife?

In my research in Virginia & West Virginia and near states, the cost of Midwifery could be anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000.

 The cost of my services is $4,500. That is also called a basic package, or global fee. That means this one charge covers prenatal, lab draws, assistant to the birth (if available), labor and delivery, and postpartum care up to six weeks.

See the break down below.

Charge at the hospital.

The cost of going to the hospital is double to three times the cost of a home birth for an uncomplicated low risk delivery.  That is some where from $7,000-$20,000. Cost of a Hospital birth isn’t always straight forward. Your doctor may offer a global fee that may include all the care he gives you, but this often does not include the Hospital fee or a sundry fees for every item used at your birth from gauze to a Tylenol. See the struggle of one father who tried to pin down the hospital for the Cost of a Hospital Birth that he could plan on

My Fee and what it covers

I charge $4,500 dollars for my services. My services cover prenatal care, labor, birth, postnatal care, basic prenatal instruction, cell phone/beeper availability, birth kit, assist fee, educational library and birth equipment. This does not cover any care by your doctor or hospital in the case of transfer or referral, lab work, or transportation fees (see below). In the case that you need to change to a different care giver before 36 weeks, due to health reasons, we can negotiate an arrangement for partial refund from the total of $4,500.

If we transport after or during labor, I am still considered your primary care giver and I will still expect to be paid the full amount. I will still be with you, giving emotional, physical and educational support, during the birth, and postpartum up to 4-6 weeks. There are no other refunds for any other reason. You are responsible to pay the full amount by 36 weeks of pregnancy, unless other arrangements are made. I will really try to work with you if, you really want a home birth.

If you register late in your pregnancy, your payments will be higher and fewer checks to finish before the 36th week. If for some reason you are unable to pay one of your payments on time, we will try to work with you as best as we can. Even if you have insurance your copay and unpaid services could be more than a home birth.

The out of pocket cost for a home birth is $4,500. A $500 (registration) nonrefundable deposit is due once you decide to home birth with us. This holds your date as we only take 6-8 clients per month. Then $1,500 ( total prenatal care, classes, and postpartum care) is due prior to 34 weeks. The remainder $1,200 (birth fee) is due by 36 weeks when we go on call for you. $400 is saved for the assistant at your birth, or it goes to me if I am alone. If for medical reasons you transfer out of care before 36 weeks any you had already paid the birth fee then the $1,000 is refunded to you.

Help for low income families.

Most people use 7% of their income for extras like eating out, movies, and other entertainment. Most families can use that same 7% of their income for the satisfying experience of a home birth.
The below chart is called a Spin Down or Low Income Discount.

Yearly Income--- Cost of Service
----$45,000------- $31,50
----$50,000------- $3,500
----$55,000------- $3,850
----$65,000------- $4,500

Extra Fees:
• $300 room rental For Non Clients ( Not available at this time)

• $100 if entering care after 36 weeks
• $100 if no record can be provided before 36 weeks, due to extra risk factor

Transportation fees:  

•$150 for all prenatal visits <25 miles/minuets from my office

•$300 all for prenatal visits <50 miles/minuets. Add $50 for every <10 miles/minuets more than 50.


• $100 for every 4 children
• $100 if paid by the 20th week of PG


UNITED MEDICAL CREDIT- "We help patients other won't"
I work with United Medical Credit. Ask about the application process and how it can help you or simply visit the website, fill out an application, and review and accept their terms.


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