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Natural Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education
First Trimester
❥ Philosophies of birth Class one
~Medical Mode
l Vs. Midwifery model
❥ Caring for Yourself and your Baby Class two
~Diet, exercise, meditation, education
❥ Second & Third trimester Class Third
~What to expect and signs of danger
❥ Psychological Aspect Fourth class
~Facing fear, and conflicting emotions
❥ The Unexpected Fourth Class
~When plan "B" must be implemented
❥ Signs and symptoms of labor Fifth Class
~Know when to call the midwife,
~Tools for coping with the hard work of labor
~Stages of labor Preparation
❥ Labor and Delivery Sixth Class
~Early vs active labor, transition to the second stage of labor,
~The great Push - Natural ejection reflex, positions of labor, positions for the push and delivery
❥ Postpartum Seventh Class
~Postpartum the immediate hours after delivery, newborn, mommy and breast care, healing
~Postpartum days and weeks, care of baby, care of mommy, care of breasts
❥ The Newborn Eighth Class
~Physical appearance, transition to life on the outside
~ Normal breathing pasterns, sleep and alert patterns
~ Feeding and elimination patterns, care of the penis
~ the five S-s how to calm your baby
~Normal breast variations, normal  colostrum to breast milk changes, breastfeeding positions, normal breastfeeding patterns
Six weeks Post partum 
❥ Return to sexual activity and fertility 
~Feeling normal again and natural child spacing and fertility awareness


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