Questions to Ask a Midwife about Her Midwifery Practice - Part 2

Choosing the right midwife to attend your home birth is one of life’s greatest decisions. This list will help prepare you to ask the important questions needed to make the best choice for you and your baby. In addition to the actual answers to the questions that you ask pay attention to how you feel during the consult.

Midwifery Practice

  • How many clients do you take per month?

  • Do you limit your client load as to ensure every woman in your practice is well cared for?

  • Do you work alone?

  • Does a second midwife attend the birth?

  • Do you work with an apprentice and if you do what level of interaction will I have with her?

  • What arrangements do you have if you are sick or if two of your clients are in labor at the same time?

  • Will I be able to meet any other midwives who might be involved in my birth?

  • Do you participate in regular peer review?

  • What prenatal care do you provide?

  • What do your prenatal visits consist of and how long are they?