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Questions to Ask a Midwife about Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Part 4 of 4

Choosing the right midwife to attend your homebirth is one of life’s greatest decisions. This list will help prepare you to ask the important questions needed to make the best choice for you and your baby. In addition to the actual answers to the questions that you ask pay attention to how you feel during the consult.

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  • Do you have training or experience in alternative medicine? How did you obtain it?

  • Do you carry medications, homeopathic remedies or herbs for use during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum periods?

  • What do you recommend to deal with the common discomforts of pregnancy? Do you generally recommend alternative therapies before pharmaceutical ones?

  • Do you refer to other providers who give supportive care such as acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic care, osteopathic treatment and massage?

Childbirth Education•

  • Do you offer childbirth classes?

  • If you refer out to other childbirth educators, which classes do you recommend and why?

  • How important are childbirth classes in my birth experience

  • Availability and Fees

  • What vacation plans do you have?

  • Do you have other mothers booked at the same time I am due?

  • What are your fees and what is included in your services?

  • Do you bill insurance?

  • In terms of the midwifery fee, what happens if I have to transfer out of your care?

  • How do I reach you when I need to speak with you? Are you available at all times?

  • At what point in my labor will you come to me? How long will it take for you to arrive? How do we obtain a birth certificate?

Emotional Support

  • Does the midwife feel trustworthy?

  • Are you able to envision yourself birthing the way you imagine or does the midwife have her own agenda and vision of your birth experience?

  • Are there any things that the midwife says you are required to do or not allowed to do that make you feel uncomfortable?

  • Does the midwife speak in absolutes and use words like “I never” or “Mothers always”?

  • Does the midwife verbally tear apart a previous birth experience and tell you every choice you made that was wrong?

  • Does the midwife speak poorly of other midwives in the area?

Ultimately ask yourself, Do I want this person with me at this most intimate moment of my life?

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