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Questions to Ask a Midwife about Equipment and Emergency Medications - Part 3

Choosing the right midwife to attend your homebirth is one of life’s greatest decisions. This list will help prepare you to ask the important questions needed to make the best choice for you and your baby. In addition to the actual answers to the questions that you ask pay attention to how you feel during the consult.

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Equipment and Emergency Medications

  • What equipment do you carry?

  • What neonatal resuscitation equipment do you carry? Do you have oxygen available?

  • What supplies do I need for a homebirth? Where can I purchase them?

  • Do you have supplies available in the event of a hemorrhage?

  • How skilled are you at placing IVs?

  • What medications can you legally carry?

Practice Guidelines

  • Do you have a copy of the rules and regulations that pertain to midwifery practice in this state? Are certain policies and procedures for my care mandated by your licensure?

  • What prenatal tests do you require or recommend?

  • What conditions absolutely risk me out for homebirth?

  • How many weeks along must I be in order to be able to have a homebirth?

  • How often do you listen to fetal heart tones during labor?

  • What are your standards regarding monitoring of the baby during pregnancy and labor?

  • How frequently do you do internal exams during labor?

  • How do you feel about having a doula at a homebirth?

Hospital or Physician Transfer of Care

  • Under what conditions do you transfer to the hospital setting?

  • Will you or an associate stay with me if I need to transfer to the hospital?

  • What is the plan of action if hospital transfer becomes necessary?

  • What consultation arrangements can be made in advance?

  • What problems or complications in pregnancy would require that a physician would become my primary caregiver?

  • What is your rate of hospital transfer?

  • What are the most common reasons for transfer to the hospital?

  • What is your cesarean rate?

  • What are the most common reasons for performing a cesarean section?

Ultimately ask yourself, Do I want this person with me at this most intimate moment of my life?

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